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Company Name

Solidgreen Trading Co., Ltd.


Sakae Bldg. #203, 1-18-41, Naka, Kunitachi-shi, Tokyo 186-0004 JAPAN


+81-(0)42-505-4350 / +81-(0)42-505-4360


October 16, 2009


Mitsuru Kubo, President & CEO

Main Business
  • 1. Export of Resistor and its raw materials and production equipment
  • 2. Export of sound-improving goods and DIY parts for HiFi Audio


image From my childhood I have always watched my father being engaged in foreign trade and ever since I could remember, I have felt aspired to do something in which would associate with the people of the world. After I graduated from senior high school, I hit the road to study in the United States thinking somehow that I was just following the course assigned to me. During my stay there for three years, I learned a lot besides the English language. This valuable experience has certainly formed the base of my present life. I would have taken up some other work if I had not spent these years abroad. Soon after I returned to Japan, I entered my father's company. I worked there for 20 years and thought the time was ripe for me to be independent and have come to establish this company. I like the foreign trade and more and more I am being attracted to this business to realize my dream cherished in my childhood.

The real pleasure of foreign trade business lies in the intercourse with foreign people. There are a lot of countries which I have not visited yet but I enjoy myself imagining the countries and people from where I have received e-mail messages. On the other hand, what I am afraid of is that our customers are dealing with us and giving us orders only with the knowledge that I am Japanese and I am running a trading organization. In this regard, I always bear in mind that I must do my very best for the benefit of our customers and that my service should be worth being trusted.

When I was engaged in this business first, the only means of communication had been telexes and letters but great strides were made in the past decades and after faxes, e-mails have now come to play the leading roles. We now can contact overseas customers easily through the Internet and at the same time, information at the various corners of the world can be exchanged very quickly as if country borders were removed. Time goes by but the essential qualities of our ages remain unchanged. E-mails that reach us from various places of the world give me motivations with the pleasure that I am linked with people over the world.

I wish I could go on with work so that I would make not only the companies I come to know through our business but also their families happy. My further aim as a father of two children and as a human being is that I would be one of the gears to lead the world to an ideal society where children can have peaceful and happy lives surrounded by rich greenery and where there are no wars.


Our company name "SOLIDGREEN" was coined from solid (substantial, sound and firm) plus green (young and flourishing). Our transactions with far countries are based on mutual trust without having the face-to-face relation and therefore, I have named our company as above with our strong desire to be constantly sincere to our customers. I was also attracted to the tender and eco-friendly phase of the word "green". In other words, our company name expresses our desire that the products to be handled by our company will contribute directly or indirectly toward nature preservation of the earth.


  • 2011.03.08
    Solidgreen Launches a Fully Redesigned Corporate Website
  • 2010.11.01
    Solidgreen Launches a Corporate Website