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From Japan to the world

People here in Japan are making a lot of things, of which technology are our precious property. As observed in our high-tech digital machines and instruments, unique culture such as animation and video games, medical environments and related apparatus in support of the world's highest longevity of the people here, there are a lot of advanced developments unique to Japan which we are proud of. We can best display our merits in manufacturing goods of elaborate and finest quality and we strive to disseminate our world-class technology widely across to the globe.


We aim at becoming a friendly and serious company so that our customers will consider that SOLIDGREEN is a trading section of your organization.

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Fixed Resistors and those raw material and production equipment are our specialty. We are determined to spare no effort in introducing products attractive and high in added value to the world markets.

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  • 2011.03.08
    Solidgreen Launches a Fully Redesigned Corporate Website
  • 2010.11.01
    Solidgreen Launches a Corporate Website