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Techology that may potentially
conquer the world is latent in Japan

People here in Japan are making a lot of things, of which technology, we believe, are our precious property. As observed in our high-tech digital machines and instruments, unique culture such as animation and video games, medical environments and related apparatus in support of the world's highest longevity of the people here, there are a lot of advanced developments unique to Japan which we are proud of. Another aspect unrivalled in the world is our service motto, "We put our customers first". These are what we have inherited from our ancestors as derived from Japan's unique cultures and national character. We can best display our merits in manufacturing goods of elaborate and finest quality and we are very sure we will not lose in the global competition in these fields.

Not only Japan's large and representative enterprises such as Sony and Toyota, but also our small and medium-sized businesses are not exceptions in their high manufacturing levels and these innumerable manufactures support Japan's state of the art. There are many technologies not yet introduced in the world. We, as a small-scale trading company, will make the best of our functions based on the 3F's Spirit (Fast, Flexible and Faithful) and determined to spare no effort in introducing made-in-Japan products attractive and high in added value to the world markets.

Purchase necessities at advantageous costs and without risk

The internet and international distribution systems being in the matured condition, global business sounds familiar to us and "Trading Company" seems to be losing its existing justification. You can get things you want in the international markets through a click on the internet. You may have negative impressions of trading companies when you think that you can get things cheaper by direct purchase from manufacturers or that you don't have to go through complicated processes for communication and delivery through a trading firm and in consequence, you don't have to spend extra time but we think otherwise. Things change and become convenient with the times but there are also things that do not change. That is to say, foreign trade is conducted at some risks, not seeing your partners. Manufacturers want to concentrate on production. Buyers want to get merchandise at the lowest price without a risk. We, a trading firm, are in between there for you to attain your purpose. Your purchase can be carried out effectively and smoothly with our cooperation. Further, we would like to mention the following important functions of a trading company:


Merits In favor of buyers using a trading company

Merits favor of manufacturers using a trading company

Please note that the transaction through a trading firm does not necessarily mean a raised cost but it will cut down costs and help improve business efficiency.

In our case especially, we can make the best of our small-scale, skilled and flexible organization and can offer promptly and carefully considered solutions to your problem. We are confident our policy will not fail to meet our customers' needs most properly. We aim at becoming a friendly and serious company so that our customers will consider that SOLIDGREEN is a trading section of your organization.

We can procure semi-conductors and electronic parts difficult to find

There are a lot of discontinued parts such as transistors with excellent audio characteristics. If you have trouble finding semi-conductors or other electronic parts difficult to obtain, we will find such parts quickly for you with our network and offer you at reasonable prices. Please feel free to contact us with your inquiries, irrespective of manufacturers.


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